Author: Derek Deprey

11 Oct How AI Will Impact Managers, Leaders & Employees

We need to stop managing like we’re still in the 1900s. Artificial intelligence is going to make the workplace stronger, not weaker. So many are fearful that technology will ruin the workplace environment, but I don’t think that’s the case. Whether you like it or not, automation is...

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03 Oct Why I’m Taking My Content to the Next Level

I want to take my content to the next level. Here’s why 👇 -- 70% of people hate their jobs. -- 50% of people quit their jobs because of a bad manager. I want to help these people overcome their biggest leadership challenge, which is oftentimes themselves. At the gym...

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18 Aug Recharge & Recover EVERY DAY

Do you find yourself sitting at your desk mid-afternoon thinking, "Will this day EVER end?" After work, do you feel like you transform into an Uber driver shuffling your children here, there and everywhere to various activities? Let me guess, this sounds incredibly familiar ...

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