10 Jul 30 Questions Motivational Speakers Should Ask Event Planners before Gigs

I have provided hundreds of keynotes, workshops, and training sessions on multiple key topics. My experience has taught me that close collaboration with clients allows me to align my expertise with their goals and objectives to ensure the highest possible audience engagement. As a speaker, it is important to partner with the event planner before, during, and after the event to guarantee a customized, as well as, meaningful and entertaining session for each unique client.

As soon as an event planner reaches out to me, I start my pre-event prep work by requesting a 30-minute conference call and emailing 30 questions. During the call, we discuss the questions that they’ve already had a chance to start working on, which fall under the following five categories: Presentation, Audience, Organization, Location, and Next Steps.

I. Presentation

1. What is the theme of this event?
2. How often do you hold this event?
3. What topic or topics interest you?
4. Do you want a keynote, interactive workshop, or a mix of both?
5. Does this event have one speaker or a number of different speakers?
6. If the event has multiple speakers, can we exchange contact information to enable integration?
7. How long would you like the presentation to last?
8. Do you want time built in for questions and answers?
9. Is there a budget that I should consider?
10. May I provide a handout and complementary resources?

II. Audience

11. What are the audience demographics (titles, job descriptions, company, organization, age range)?
12. Do the members of the audience know each other?
13. What does the audience worry about?
14. What has the audience recently accomplished?
15. What has the audience recently failed at?
16. What new or different action(s) do you want the audience to take as a result of my session?
17. How many people will be attending the event?
18. May I engage with the audience in a variety of different ways?
19. May I email the audience some questions two weeks before the event to enable customization?
20. What is the event hashtag, so that I can help generate buzz on social media?

III. Organization

21. What are the biggest challenges in your industry?
22. What are the latest trends in your industry?
23. What are your organization’s mission, vision, values, and goals?
24. What are your biggest challenges in living your organization’s mission, vision, values, and goals?
25. What is the biggest mistake that speakers coming to your organization make?

IV. Location

26. When is the event?
27. Where is the event?
28. Can you send me the tech team’s contact info (audio-video, photography, social media)?

V. Next Steps

29. Is there anything I haven’t asked you that you would like me to know about your event?
30. Can we schedule a call two weeks out to discuss final details?

This Is Just the Beginning

Once we complete the call, the customization and feedback integration begins.

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