04 May 8 Reasons Why Being A Mom Is Harder Than Working Multiple Jobs

imageOn June 28th, 2008, our eldest daughter Ellie was born and our lives changed forever. Our family was overwhelmed with excitement and happiness. Our brand new baby daughter changed our lives in a way we had never imagined; we had become a family of three. Life was good, and we were living the dream. Then, one month later, I asked my wife, Rachel, an innocent question, one that I will never forget.

The Dumbest Question of All Time

Before I reveal the question, I remind you that there is no such thing as a dumb question. Wait. I guess I do believe that people can ask dumb questions. Because I asked one…“Rachel, what do you do all day?”

Talk about rookie mistakes that new dads make. I had already hit the mother load.

While I don’t remember the exact response that I received, outside of a “Really, D?” I vividly recall the look she gave me, that I totally deserved, and never want to see again. Looking back, I’m a bit amazed at how calm Rachel was after I asked that dumb question.

8 Reasons Why Being A Mom Is Harder Than Working Multiple Jobs

Now that about 8 years have passed since that moment, we’ve both grown a lot. In fact, I believe that we’re a dynamic team. Rachel manages the day-to-day lives of our two daughters, while I’m blessed to work multiple careers. With Mother’s Day rapidly approaching, “what moms do” has been on my mind a lot.  I started jotting down all of the things that Rachel did in the past, does today, and will continue to do in the future. Throughout this process, I have slowly but surely discovered that being a mom is harder, and I mean a lot harder, than working multiple jobs.

  1. Moms buy everything… (and they deal with crabby children and dads who might want to buy the opposite of what mom wants)…mom buys diapers, groceries, gifts, clothes, toys, shoes…you name it, Mom buys it.
  2. Moms carry everything (including dads who want to be held by mom too)…moms carry tired or sleepy or sick children, groceries, diaper bags, and backpacks.  Time for bed? Mom carries sleeping children and stuffed animals.   You get what I mean.  If you need it, Mom brings it to you.
  3. Moms clean everything (with chaotic children and dads who continue playing and making a mess)…moms clean puke, snot, spit-up, pooh, and toilets. Why is that Mom’s job? And why doesn’t she complain about that icky job?  Mom’s actually put clothes in the basket, hang towels up from the floor, and loads the dishes in the dishwasher. That is, when she’s not cleaning up after someone in the house who is sick!
  4. Moms prepare everything (with indecisive children and dads who want to eat or wear anything other than what mom is preparing)…moms coordinate outfits, and work hard to prepare healthy breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks.
  5. Moms find everything (with hyperventilating children and dads who want to play with their other 458 toys)…moms find security blankets, favorite stuffed animals, and anything else that brings comfort. Moms also find what school expects the kids to have….books, assignments, and projects.
  6. Moms teach us everything (with distracted children and dads who want to watch TV or play video games)…moms do homework, and read and discipline.  But really, they teach the most important lessons in life, the ones that help us know who we are, and the lessons that help us figure out who we can become.
  7. Moms calm everyone (the frenzied children and dads who have regular temper tantrums, children who bite or hit)…moms nurture, listen, understand and say just what needs to be said and heard.  If you are sad or upset or out of sorts about anything at all, who is going to calm you?  Mom.
  8. Moms give us everything. They actually give life to us and then they spend the rest of their lives giving us their time and treasures…helping us become the best people that we can be. They give us unconditional love. They give us more than we would ever ask for, and more than we could ever imagine.

Wow! I’m exhausted just thinking about all of the things that moms accomplish. Moms don’t take breaks, and they wear more hats than any other “job description” that I’ve ever seen. Moms love us, no matter what.

The Most Stupid Statement of All Time

Earlier, I shared with you the dumbest question that I’ve ever asked. Now, I’m going to reveal the most stupid statement that I made to my dear wife. It was a beautiful fall day in October of 2011, a couple of months after our youngest daughter, Mia, was born. Our oldest daughter was now three, so I considered myself quite the parenting veteran. (Not so much.) Having two children in diapers created a whole new chaos that we hadn’t known. One day I came home from work and I actually said, “I think because I bring in the money, your job is to do all the stuff at home.” Again, Rachel was incredibly calm, and I couldn’t have been more mistaken. I couldn’t bring home “the money”, unless Rachel always gave to us her heart and soul.

Moms Bring In “the Heart” 24/7/365

Pause for a moment and think about your mom while you were growing up. I don’t know about you, but when I think about my mom, I don’t think about material things. Instead, I think about her heart. I think about how much she cared about me and for me, 24/7/365. When I think about my loving wife, Rachel, and how she cares for our daughters, I think the exact same thing.  Caring for our family is her job, 24/7/365. Kids don’t care about money or material things, it is time and attention that is priceless.  Rachel doesn’t care about anything more than she cares about our family. How lucky we are, on Mother’s Day, and every day.

I Have Two Superheroes

Thank you, Rachel, because of you… I get to live my dream. Thank you, Mom, for loving me unconditionally, and supporting me in all of my life decisions. Happy Mother’s Day to you both, I am truly blessed.

ACTION: Choose one or both. First, if you are blessed to have a mother, write a letter expressing gratitude to her for all of the reasons why you are thankful to have her in your life. Second, if you are blessed to be a dad with children, write a card to your wife, from you and your children, thanking her for all of the reasons why she is awesome.

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