5 Reasons to Hire Derek

  • Derek is PASSIONATE… he brings the highest possible level of energy and enthusiasm.
  • Derek is VULNERABLE… he shares his failures and teaches you how to learn from them.
  • Derek is PREPARED… he pre-surveys your team and studies your business or organization.
  • Derek CUSTOMIZES… he integrates your mission, vision, values, goals, and pre-survey feedback.
  • Derek INSPIRES… he motivates your audience to act long after your event and creates a tailored handout with action items.

Feedback from audience participants

“Derek’s inspiring presence and passion inspired me to take action.”


“I love how Derek’s presentations are interactive, personal, fun and easy to implement.”


“The entire workshop made me think, especially the Review and Reflect questions.”


“I never really thought about things like that but after I left your training, it really got me thinking about all the areas in my life I now want to improve.”


“I want to work with Derek. His enthusiasm is contagious.”


“Uplifting. Motivating. Captivating.”


“Derek is my hero. It would be great to start every day with his attitude and try and keep it all day long.”

“I loved the breakout sessions and would enjoy any topic by Derek.”


“The activities, handout and slideshow were all fantastic! You kept it lively and inspirational.”


“I appreciated how Derek asked the audience questions a month before the workshop to tailor it for us.”


“I just wanted to say a quick thank you! I attended your workshop and wow…it was amazing!!”


 “Thank you for energizing our team!”


“If I hadn’t had attended your workshop, I don’t know that I would be this excited about making such positive changes in my life!”