08 Jul Do You Congratulate People?

I recently received an email and the subject read “More Cards.” So, I clicked on it and inside I found the question: “Can you please buy more congratulatory cards?”

Immediately, I thought to myself, “Oh my gosh…I’m so busy…here’s another thing to do…drive to the store…buy cards…drive back to work.” The more I thought about it, I decided that’s an awesome email to receive.¬†Why? Because we’re actually congratulating people in our organization. We’re congratulating our customers.

Think about your customers. Do you know their birthdays? Do you know their wedding anniversaries? Think about your colleagues or your team members. Do you know their kids’ names? Do you know when they graduate from school?

ACTION! Today, go buy a couple packs of congratulatory cards and absolutely blow through them. What that’s saying is, “I see you and I value you.”

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