18 Aug How Do You Prove that You Are Ready for a Promotion?

We recently promoted two people in our organization from mid-level managers to general managers, which got me thinking… “How does someone prove that they’re ready for a promotion?” These two leaders, Kevin Baseheart and Laurie Warner, consistently demonstrated the following 5 habits incredibly well over the last 3 to 5 years:

1. Intentionally set a development goal. Kevin and Laurie knew that they wanted to become GM’s… and also made it clear to the decision-makers.

2. Ask a decision-maker to be your mentor. Why? Because, often times, the decision-makers have been exactly where you want to go.  They can share valuable experiences and show you the way to success.

3. Have presence. When Kevin and Laurie are in the facility, people know that they’re there… and they don’t know that because of some intimidation factor. They know because Kevin and Laurie are kind, initiate conversations, listen to understand and believe in other people.

4. Make yourself indispensable. Kevin and Laurie go above and beyond their job description. Laurie, for example, as the Fitness Manager, wanted to help recruit personal trainers, even though she didn’t have the title “Recruiter.” Whenever a personal trainer was needed at any location, not just the location she was responsible for, Laurie would help them find the right person. Kevin, as the Sales Manager, loved technology. He studied Google on his own time and became very efficient and effective. Kevin turned around and helped our entire organization become more efficient and effective… not just his individual club.

5. Be an ongoing learner. Kevin and Laurie worked to become better leaders long before they became *the* leader.   Don’t wait for the specific title before you demonstrate your ability to do it.

ACTION: If you’re tired of being passed up, integrate these 5 habits into your workweek.

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