02 Dec How I Connect With People

connect with people image I used to hate talking with people. In fact, I lived in the gym throughout high school because I was terrified of dating, homecoming, prom, etc. During my days coaching basketball, I was terrified to speak in front of groups. I froze more times than you could ever imagine.

Over the years, I’ve learned to love connecting and speaking in front of others. How did this transformation happen? I finally took the initiative to connect with people who would inspire me. For example, I wanted to be an entrepreneur, speakers and author. Knowing that you become the combined average of the people closest to you, I took 100% responsibility to spend significant time with entrepreneurs, speaker and authors in ways that we actually enjoyed versus the normal networking event, adult beverage, lunch, coffee, etc. We connected through what I now call my Weekly Connect 5.


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1. Move to Grow: Once per week, share an article, video, book or podcast with anyone in your network to let him or her know that he or she is top of mind and that you care about his or her growth.

2. Move to Live Well: Once per week, schedule a FITworking appointment with someone in or out of your network and add value to each other. FITworking is the combination of a workout and a brief meeting agenda with another person.

3. Move to Connect: Once per week, write a thank you note, send a text/make a call just to say hello, type a quick Facebook message or give congratulations on LinkedIn to someone in or out of your network. This is a great way to grow your total number contacts while still staying close to them.

4. Move to Develop Others: Once per week, block some time with a mentee and let him or her provide the agenda. Truly make it all about the mentee.

5. Move to Be Teams: Once per week, add value to a team by sharing a relevant article, video, book or podcast with them. A team can be the organization that you volunteer at, the place where you work or at home with your family.

Since 2010, I’ve been executing my Weekly Connect 5. While the results are hard to measure, I know that I wouldn’t be living my passions if I didn’t learn the skill of connecting. If you want to actually do what you desire, try the Weekly Connect 5 and share your story with me.


Start connecting with others by utilizing page 2 of the “Weekly Connect 5” worksheet for the next 7 days. Prepare by writing your intended action for each “move” before the week begins.


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