12 Oct How to Use Core Values to Guide Behaviors

I took a massive pay cut to pursue my dreams of working in professional sports back in 2002.

Before making the jump I was working in sales: selling beer.

I had no passion for sales. And I had no passion for beer.

For a few days, I struggled with taking the leap.

I talked to my parents about it and this is was what they asked, “Where do you ultimately want to be?”

Really what they were asking was a value-based question. What was important to me?

From there it was an easy decision. I accepted the position.

I ultimately realized that it wasn’t a difficult decision at all. Because my values were already set.

Find & form your core values. And use those values to guide your life.

ACTION: Values should guide our behaviors. What’s important to you & how is that impacting your decisions? 👉 Comment on LinkedIn

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