Move to Live Well

Live Well, Lead Well: 5 Practices to Feel Better In Work & Life

In today’s world, we know that a commitment to wellness has a positive impact on everything. However, making a deep commitment to health and fitness can be challenging. In this workshop, Derek will teach you how to dial up brainpower, productivity and energy levels by managing stress, sleep, food, exercise and water. You’ll learn how leading by example can increase your team’s overall wellness engagement. You’ll learn why a nurturing environment will set up conditions to allow everyone to be their best. Choose to make wellness a part of your organization’s DNA once and for all. Together, we can build lives where we can work hard and stay healthy at the same time.


Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to build a life where you can get work done and stay healthy at the same time.
  • Learn how to overcome your foolish wellness habits.
  • Learn how to minimize stress by putting your primary diet ahead of your secondary diet.
  • Learn how to respect sleep and experience total relaxation every day.
  • Learn how to plan the FEW fundamentals.
  • Learn how to make better eating decisions.
  • Learn how to find your fit and move more.
  • Learn how to make drinking water a conscious decision.
  • Learn how to improve your employee’s quality of life at work.
  • Learn how to lead a culture of wellness and increase engagement.


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