15 Jun Personal Growth: What It Means And Why You Should Do It

personal growth human imageWhat Does It Really Mean to Grow?

It was 11-time NBA Champion with the Boston Celtics, Bill Russell, who once said, “Work to become, not to acquire.” True to his word, Russell “became more” as a basketball player before, during, and after the championships. He never stopped his steady progress, and he never had a  finish line. Personal growth implies that you want “to get better” at something. If you continually pursue personal growth, you will always be getting better.

Ask yourself this.  Are you getting better every day, especially in the areas that you love? I call this the 1% rule, which drives you to become 1% better every single day. For me, I’ve learned to rise really early in the morning to find time to work on my personal growth and development. Without this early morning routine, I wouldn’t be growing. Just as Bill Russell never stopped learning and growing, we should always strive to improve ourselves. Moving to grow and getting better at anything is a never-ending journey. Even in the tech-savvy world that surrounds each of us today, personal growth is a timeless trend that is always trending.

Why Should You Grow?

A lot of people will tell you  that it’s important to grow. But why is it important?  There really is no right or  easy answer. Just like there isn’t one definition of success, everyone has their own personal reasons to grow. You will want to grow for your own reasons, that matter to you alone. There is no standard formula for everyone.

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How Has Personal Growth Helped Me?

Here are the top 15 benefits from ongoing personal growth and development that have helped me and continue to help me since I became hooked on growth in 2008.  Personal growth helps me….

  1. To be a better dad and husband.
  2. To understand myself better.
  3. Increase my confidence.
  4. Find my passions.
  5. Create my ideal life right now.
  6. To write and speak.
  7. Fight through tough times.
  8. To be healthier.
  9. To move from being a boss to a leader.
  10. Get promoted at work.
  11. Earn more money.
  12. Find more growth-minded friends.
  13. Strengthen my faith.
  14. Reach my potential.
  15. To help others grow and develop.


Looking back, I don’t know how I survived before my obsession.

How Do You Want Personal Growth to Help You?

Constantly working at personal growth has worked wonders for me in my life. Your reasons on how personal growth will help you might be entirely different than mine.  My list of benefits will definitely look different from your list. To find your own reasons to grow, you have to dig deep.

ACTION: Take a moment and write down 5-10 ways that you would expect personal growth to help you. Don’t worry. This list of benefits is not set in stone. They’ll change as you grow.

How do you feel after writing down your reasons to grow? Are you inspired to commit to personal growth? Even though our lists may look a little bit different, here is what I know will be the same: We both want to create positive change in our lives. I’ve invested time to write this post. You’ve invested time to read this post. The best way to change is to grow…and this is just the beginning.

What Will Motivate You?

There are a lot of different rationale for  pursuing personal  growth.  There is, however,  something that should not be part of your motivation. Don’t push to better yourself, if only  to be better than everyone else. If you try to be better than everyone else, you’ll create competitions that you’ll never win. Somebody will always be better than you at something. Somebody will always have more than you do.  Be a better person for you.

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