18 Aug Recharge & Recover EVERY DAY

Do you find yourself sitting at your desk mid-afternoon thinking, “Will this day EVER end?” After work, do you feel like you transform into an Uber driver shuffling your children here, there and everywhere to various activities?

Let me guess, this sounds incredibly familiar … You finally arrive back home at 9pm feeling drained, hungry and wanting to collapse on the couch. Most leaders consider time their most vital resource, but completely ignore the true source of their productivity—their personal energy.

Today, make the decision to recharge and recover EVERY DAY. Don’t wait for your next vacation or day off. Mindfully choose one thing that you will start, stop or keep doing to MANAGE YOUR ENERGY.

Stop saying once and for all, “I’m going to start my new wellness routine on Monday.” To ensure action, do it, write it down or put it in your calendar. Make an appointment with yourself and SHOW UP FOR YOU. You’ll be be a better employee, partner, parent and person when you take time for YOU.

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