Every day, we move in one direction or another. We’re free to choose from endless possibilities. Only you can choose the direction for the rest of your life. Whether you are a seasoned executive, emerging leader, stay-at-home parent, or college student, frustration is inevitable. Now is the time for you to SHIFT from, “I’m so busy and stressed,” to, “I’m living my ideal life right now.” And it doesn’t even have to be complicated.


In SHIFT, author Derek Deprey teaches you a 5-gear process. Each gear uniquely moves you from frustrated to fulfilled. Within each interactive chapter, you’ll drive up to powerful questions and practical exercises—calls to make today the day you are inspired to change.


Through captivating storytelling and compelling exercises, you’ll discover how to

  • Confront your fears
  • Form your core values
  • Pursue personal growth
  • Visualize your preferred future
  • Adopt a positive mindset
  • Personalize your ambitions
  • Exercise meaningful action
  • Fulfill your ideal life
  • Inspire fellow travelers


Now is the time to reach your true potential. The right move, at the right moment, can make all the difference. If something stands between you and your ideal life, SHIFT. If you’re looking for someone to help you maneuver the challenging territory, Derek is your fellow traveler as you point your compass in the right direction.





DEREK DEPREY’s passion in life is to evoke excellence in every person at every level. After a career of working in basketball operations at the collegiate and professional levels, he empowers others both as the director of people & service at a fitness club and as a leadership professor at a university. Derek founded Move Results to impact the lives of individuals, organizations, and communities. Today, he loves to inspire and influence others as a speaker, writer, and coach. Derek lives in Milwaukee, WI, with his wife and two daughters.



Praise for SHIFT


“Just like our business at Northwestern Mutual is about helping people build brighter futures, Derek’s goal in SHIFT is to help you make every decision with an eye toward your vision.”

– John Schlifske, chief executive officer at Northwestern Mutual

SHIFT will help you be more present, live your potential, and become the best version of yourself. Derek will help you overcome your frustrations and create your won definition of success that will reshape how you think about yourself.

– Shawn Achor, Author of The New York Times best sellers Before Happiness and The Happiness Advantage

“Derek’s chapter on passions would single-handedly justify the book. Work doesn’t have to be boring. Read SHIFT and you’ll find your reason to wake up in the morning.”

– George Karl, 2013 NBA Coach of the Year, fifth most career wins in NBA history, and author of Furious George

“Derek’s real message is that anyone can cultivate fulfillment through the masterfully integrated metaphor of a 5-speed manual car shifter. Within each gear, Derek weaves personal stories, examples, and suggestions with tangible action exercises.”

– Kary Oberbrunner, author of ELIXIR Project, Day Job to Dream Job, The Deeper Path, and Your Secret Name

SHIFT made me a better wife, mom, friend, and colleague. An inspiring, refreshing, and page-turning read, Derek’s 5-gear process was easy to digest and implement.”

– Stacy Tuschl, Author of #1 International best seller Is Your Business Worth Saving?

SHIFT is a must-read book for all job seekers to help them determine their attitude, discover their passions, and design their execution. Derek’s proven path gives you the tips, tools, and tactics that you need to get in gear and back on track.”

– Wayne Breitbarth, author of The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success: Kick-Start Your Business, Brand, and Job Search

“Ever since the first time I met Derek, he has been full of energy for helping people get better. That is one reason that we rushed to hire him at Marquette. I am not surprised he is continuing his passion of helping people in SHIFT. Derek is proof of how much you can grow as a person and in life once you decide to face your deepest frustrations and fears. He is providing a game plan for people to turn their have-tos into their want-tos.”

– Tom Crean, head coach at Indiana University men’s basketball 

“Derek provides just the right balance of thinking and doing. SHIFT is packed with thought-provoking questions and hands-on activities that will get you moving right away.”

– Keith Nygren, founder and president at the Wisconsin Athletic Club

“Much like my book Moving the Needle, SHIFT is a roadmap that will help you move the needle in your personal and professional life. Derek understands, teaches, and lives the concepts and helps others daily.”

– Joe Sweeney, author of Moving the Needle and The New York Times best seller Networking is a Contact Sport

“His practical advice combined with templates and process will allow you to take the huge task of designing your life around what matters and creating implementable steps in every aspect of your personal and professional life. Read SHIFT if you want to stop saying, ‘I’m so busy,’ or, ‘I’m so stressed,’ and you want to start living the life you were born to live. As an attention expert, I believe in paying attention to what matters and making the most of creating significant moments. Derek’s book will help you do that. Buy it for your team and your loved ones.”

– Neen James, author of Attention Pays: Creating Moments that Matter and Folding Time: How to Achieve Twice as Much in Half the Time

“What an inspiring, well-written book! There are many people every day that would love to SHIFT their current life situation from frustrated to fulfilled. This book is a roadmap to making that a reality.”

– Larry Harris, assistant GM and director of player personnel of the Golden State Warriors and former GM of the Milwaukee Bucks

“Derek teaches you that personal growth can be rewarding and enjoyable as you maximize God-given strengths within a strategic process. Follow the cues that get you excited. SHIFT is a remarkable book.”

– Dr. Daniel Johnson, president at Wisconsin Lutheran College, U.S. News & World Report Top 20 Midwest College

SHIFT has been able to help me think about work from a different perspective. I stopped striving for work–life balance and started living work–life fusion. Derek’s personal stories are so relatable that you’ll never forget what you’re learning.”

– Syneathia LaGrant, vice president of Global People Development at Molson Coors

“Derek is simply a wise coach for your mind and your body. SHIFT is a must read to ‘tune up’ your future physically, mentally, and spiritually.”

– Jim Mizes, president at Blaze Pizza

“If Derek writes it, I read it. I do not know of a leader who is more intentional about investing in people than he is. Derek understands the difference between genuine character and superficial reputation. He has experienced the satisfaction and frustration of competitive athletics along with the challenges the real world provides every day. Simply put, his insight is not based on ivory tower speculation. His wisdom is grounded in the lessons learned from victory and defeat. SHIFT will help keep you focused and moving forward.”

– Jack Bennett, former University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Head basketball coach, National Coach of the Year, and back-to-back NCAA Division III champion

“From the moment I met Derek, I have been consistently impressed with his intelligence, energy, and passion for growth. SHIFT puts all three in your hands, along with a roadmap to your happiest future. With Derek’s practical advice, all the things you wondered about become possible. SHIFT now!”

– Susan Marshall, author of How to Grow a Backbone: 10 Strategies for Gaining Power and Influence at Work

SHIFT is not just any book. I feel like I am attending a live workshop vs. reading a book. It is both relevant and inspiring. Derek’s encouraging approach is right up my alley.”

– Bill McBride, cofounder, president and CEO of Active Wellness and BMC3, and former chairman of the board of directors, IHRSA

“If you’ve been wondering where to go on life’s journey, SHIFT is your easy-to-follow personal navigation system. Derek helps you choose a destination, steer clear of wrong turns, and reflect when you run into obstacles and dead ends.”

– Virginia Pothier, author of The Happiness Journey and CEO and founder of Hapacus