02 Nov Stop Putting Leadership Development Dead Last On Your To-Do List

If you want to be a better leader 👇

Then you have to WANT to help others be more successful.

But the problem is that we are so busy with ourselves. There was a study that asked leaders to evaluate their skills. And out of 67 skills, developing others came in dead last. 

It reminds me of a time where I was at Discovery World with my family. My wife was at a table with one of my daughters. My wife turned to me and said, “Derek, what’s going on? You look so bored.”

“I’m sorry! I don’t know.” I replied.

Here’s how she responded, “I know what’s going on. You’re too busy caring about YOU and what you have going on. And you’re not interested in what your daughter has going on.”

And that hit me… hard.

Leadership is about caring & developing others. 

REFLECTION: Who is a leader that has invested in and helped you. 👉 Click Here to tag that leader and thank them in the comments below!

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