27 Apr Thank You, Loyal Readers! I have 2 questions…

person thinkingIt’s hard to believe that six months have already passed since I launched my weekly blog, Derek’s Dose. I’m beyond thankful for all of you who are reading, as our loyal community keeps growing daily. You’ve taken the time to share encouraging comments, which means more to me than you’ll ever know.

Now I’m asking you to share what’s on your mind. While my mental log never seems to run out of content and topics, I only want to deliver what you’re most interested in… the best of the best! So this week I’m going to pause and ask you to share your feedback.

Within the next 48 hours, please reply to this email with your answers to the following 2 questions…

  1. What type of blog content do you prefer to read about?
  2. What specific topics interest you the most?


My Top 5 Posts

If you’ve recently joined Derek’s Dose, below I’ve included the links to my “top 5 posts” from the past six months…

  1. “What Are You Putting Off That’s Bothering You?”
  2. Eat The Banana, Not The Frog
  3. “It Must Be Nice To Start Work So Late.”
  4. When A Leader Gives, Everyone Grows
  5. “Daddy, That Was The Best Day Ever.”

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