16 Mar “That Was Exactly What I Needed Today!”

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Last week, after I posted, “Daddy, That Was The Best Day Ever,” I had a lot of great conversations with so many people about “being present” both at home and at work.  One person who replied to the post via email said, “That was exactly what I needed today!”  Later that evening, I attended a National Speakers Association event and one of the speakers who reads my posts said, “You nailed that post.  People need you.”

As you can imagine, I was pretty pumped up that day. I felt much the same as I do when I work out… like I’m on fire!  Think about all of the different people that you spend your time with over the course of a week.  Consider how many lives you positively impact, day in and day out.  You give of yourself… of your priceless time and energy, as well as other gifts of value…some material, some intangible.  I bet you’re feeling energized right now just thinking about being able to make a difference to someone.  You selflessly give of yourself to others and when you do, something good happens.  Did happiness just hit you?  I know it hit me.

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Over the past few days, I started to contemplate about some of the ways that so many different people have given to me, and have helped me.  I began to jot down a few of these things only to realize that I’ve been given a plethora of gifts by others!

When I was in pre-school and grade school, my mom regularly brought me to the nursing home where she worked.  She taught me by example how to nurture others.  Of course she taught me everything, but I’m grateful for the nursing home experience.

When I was in high school, my dad attended all of my basketball games.  Dad gave me his presence.  Not just at my basketball games, but whenever it really mattered to me.

While I was in 1st grade, my older sister walked or biked with me to school.  She gave me her patience every morning.

While I was in college, my basketball team voted me the “Most Respected” player.  My team bestowed on me their respect and recognition.

When I turned 31, my coworker taught me how to swim.  She gave me her expertise and encouragement.

When I turned 33, the owners of the Wisconsin Athletic Club added Director of Training & Development to my role.  The owners conferred their implied trust on me.

Five months ago, my friend bought me a pair of gym shoes for leading our workouts.   He gave me his thanks and praise.

Four months ago, my mentor and high school basketball coach left me a voicemail message just to check-in and say, “hello”.  My coach shared his time and well wishes with me.

A few months ago, my daughters worked together to make a princess dance performance for me. My girls give me great joy and entertainment.

Every couple of months, whenever we visit my hometown, my step-dad leads us in prayer and devotion.  My step-dad shares his faith with us.

A couple of months ago, a colleague gave me a gift card for actively listening while facilitating a large group meeting.  She gave me her thanks and generosity.

One day a while back, I came home after a particularly long day at work to find that my neighbor had shoveled my sidewalk.  My neighbor gave me his time and energy.

One month ago, a prospective vendor game me a self-help book.  This vendor offered me a piece of her personal growth and development.

Three weeks ago, my wife and daughters stuck a Post-It note on my computer monitor at work that said, “We love you and miss you!”.  My family gives me their love and devotion.

Two weeks ago, a colleague gave me a hand-written note that said, “Thank you for the opportunity to work at such a great place with a great team of people.” My colleague gave me his appreciation.

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My in-laws have a standing date on Saturday nights with my daughters, Ellie and Mia, for dinner and a sleepover.  My in-laws give of themselves and always put us first.

Of all the things that I have to be thankful for, I’ve saved the best for last. Every day, my wife, Rachel, manages to accomplish everything that needs to be done for our family at home, and for our daughters, at school.  She always gives us her best.  Rachel gives us her love and her life.

I’ve been blessed. You’ve been blessed. We’ve all been blessed.

How can you give others exactly what they need?

ACTION: Over the next seven days, make a positive difference in the lives of seven people.  First, figure out which seven people who you want to give to this week.  Grab a pen and a sheet of paper, and write down their names. Jot down what you will actually give to each person. Finally, perform each action and enjoy spending your week on fire with happiness!

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