01 Mar The One Thing You Must Do To Achieve Your Dream

In March 2009, I attended the International Health Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) convention in San Diego, California. This event featured a huge trade show as well as hundreds of breakout educational seminars. Every morning started off with an energizing and inspirational keynote speaker. I noted that each of these speakers had something in common — every one of them had a published book or series of books under their belt. I walked away from my first IHRSA convention invigorated and already eager to attend it again the following year.

The Moment I Wanted to Write a Book

For the next two years, I attended the same convention and listened to many keynote speakers. These speakers made me really think, to stretch myself, and to have the courage to dream bigger than I had ever thought possible. I wanted to learn more from each of them, so I purchased their books. I was so positively impacted that I wanted to write my own book and to do the same for others. It became my newfound dream. What is your dream?

In 2011, on the flight back from the convention to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I started to capture my own quotes, stories, and images to get started on my new dream. After a couple months, I felt like I was in the groove. I set a deadline to complete the book by April 14, 2013, which would have been my thirty-third birthday. When that date quickly arrived, I had a bunch of categories with bullet points, but no book. I didn’t even have a solid working outline. Strike one! I started to talk myself out of my goal. It’s so easy to talk yourself out of something as soon as you hit a bump. It’s easier to just go back to status quo and put your goals aside.

I Kept Swinging and Missing

A few months later, I decided to hire a ghostwriter to help me organize my thoughts and start a flow for the book. I had no formal training in writing, so I needed a kickstart. Our goal was to complete the book by April 14, 2014. Strike two! Unfortunately, our schedules didn’t mesh, and we mutually parted ways. The next year, I hired a second ghostwriter. Our goal was to complete the book by April 14, 2015. Strike three! We also parted ways. The next year, I hired a third ghostwriter. Our goal was to complete the book by April 14, 2016. Strike four! Thankfully, you can swing and miss forever and never be out in the game of life.

Was I Insane?

It was a fair question. I was doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result. If I was really going to be serious about writing a book, I needed to find a new way to execute the plan. I finally hired Kary Oberbrunner, a coach who believed in me. It took a few swings, but eventually it hit me that no one could write my book with my authentic stories and moments, but MMI: Me, Myself, and I.

We’re all good at talking about what we’re going to do. “I’m going to start eating better next week.”  Or maybe, “As soon as I make more money, I’m going to start saving money.” Does that sound like you? We typically entertain good intentions and have solid plans to move forward, but too often our lack of execution holds us back from achieving our dreams.

Passions Help You Start and Execution Helps You Finish

You might know what you are passionate about, but that isn’t enough. Your passions are simply what matters to you. They help get you started. The one thing you must do to achieve your dream is execute the plan! Your execution is designing your life around what matters to you. It drives you to the finish line. You’re excited . . . so go do it!

REFLECTION: The people who grow and strive to reach their potential are fully invested in their lives. Executing your passions can change your life, but it won’t come without effort. Now is the perfect time to SHIFT into high gear. Don’t wait until after the weekend. Executing your solid plan today is better than waiting for a perfect plan later. How can you make today that day?

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