18 Nov What I Developed from Reading 75 Articles A Week

APE reading pic for blogI have a confession to make to all of my teachers growing up. The year 2008, at age 28, was the first year that I read a book in its entirety. After transitioning careers, I quickly became obsessed with reading self-development materials when two mentors gifted me two books. During my first years learning to grow, I read countless books and articles. I attended seminars across the country. I got involved in online communities and forums and talked to other experts in the industry to gain more knowledge and insight. When juxtaposing the various “success” formulas to compare and contrast their core principles for success, I began noticing the different variables between them. Some of them were very simple; others were quite complex and difficult for the average person to understand. All of this research from other gurus in the field led to me to discover one major thing—the formulas for success narrow down to just a few very simple concepts. Realizing that all of these formulas boiled down to a few simple fundamental concepts, I immediately got to work and began developing my own formula for growth, which is now known as APE (Attitude + Passion + Execution = Growth).

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The concept of Attitude, Passion, Execution is a powerful tool for growth if it’s utilized correctly. APE is a vehicle or process to grow. It’s all about having the right attitude, finding your passions and executing the necessary actions to move forward in life. If you can successfully utilize the APE formula, there is no doubt that you’re knocking at the gates of success. Once this formula is implemented into your daily life, I can assure you that you will notice big changes. As long as you remain positive, positive things will happen. You’ll find yourself much happier throughout the day as you exercise positive thinking. You’ll find yourself being much more efficient with your time when you learn to successfully prioritize what is important in your life. And finally — you’ll find that it becomes easier and easier to execute the proper moves that are going to take you places in life and push you forward. Over the years, I’ve taught thousands of people this simple formula and I’ve seen it work miracles, not just in my life, but in the lives of those I’ve taught.

actionDon’t just think about what could be. Start living your passions daily by utilizing page two of the “Go APE, Grow Results” worksheet for the next 7 days. Please share your results with me.

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